Welcome to Southern Legion/Legion del Sur!

The first and original supporters group for Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami. Southern Legion has been behind the idea of MLS MIAMI since day one, with a dream of one day having our own MLS team that would resemble what Miami is all about and bring us professional world class soccer to South Florida.

With Inter Miami finally announced an important chapter was closed, but now Southern Legion is using all global forms of soccer traditions and blending into a unique supporters group experience never seen before in the League.

We are an inclusive supporters group founded on family values and driven by our passion for the game. Always with a winning championship spirit we will support our IMCF from the stands chanting and yelling to create a unique Stadium soccer experience never seen in the MLS.

We welcome all IMCF supporters to join us and be part of invaluable memories and write soccer history in Miami once again.

We are legion!